One of the most effective ways to gauge your substance abuse is by writing a list of the pros and cons. Addiction is a serious issue in the world today and a lot of people do not view their drinking or drug use as problematic. Some find that the benefits of using substances outweigh the costs, when in actuality, drugs and alcohol have the possibility to totally destroy someone’s life.

The principal thing to do is summarize what the positives of using substances are. Maybe you’re kind of timid and drinking alcohol helps you feel relaxed in social situations. Others abuse substances to unwind after a long day at work. There aren’t too many other advantages to using drugs other than those.  

Now let’s examine the negatives of substance abuse. We’ll only go through some of the major cons of substance abuse because there are way too many to count. The biggest con is the mental and physical health effects of substance abuse. Drugs lead to depression, anxiety, failed relationships, heart disease, cancer and a laundry list of other ailments. Living your life as a drug and alcohol addict means you are not living up to your full potential. Drugs and alcohol can ruin everything from your personal relationships to your career.

If you’re serious about getting clean, then visiting Alcohol Treatment Akron is the best option. The specialized addiction counselors can help anyone travel the road to sobriety. There are a variety of addiction management techniques that are tried and true methods for recovery. Call today for more information about what a treatment center can do for you. 

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